A new mum on a journey

Tiny Teds is a place for me to share my journey as a mummy to a gorgeous boy Teddy, being a new mum the last 12 weeks has already been a massive roller coaster of emotions and nappies. My hopes for the blog is to share and discuss my opinions of being a mummy, adapting to this new and exciting lifestyle whilst having the opportunity to communicate with other mums and hear their experiences. 

A little background on my experience so far, Teddy has suffered and is still suffering from colic and silent reflux, which has been tiring and emotional with everyone stating that 'it will get better', which is lovely to hear but also frustrating when you want to enjoy every moment with your newborn but 3am in the morning and you are still trying to make your little bundle of joy who has now turned into a red faced bundle comfortable, but due to the colic and reflux Teddy seems to find the cot like a prison cell. 

I'm a teacher who is use to timetables and deadlines and I have soon realised the only structure I work to now is to make Teddy happy and comfortable. Tiny Teds I will share my journey with my Teddy Bear who can be as cuddly as bear but also a grizzly bear
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  1. I look forward to sharing in your journey. Having been through it twice and continuing our journey through pre-teen and toddler stages I know that its one hell of a journey but the rewards are amazing.