Another big adventure

Teddy has only just turned 12 weeks on Thursday and this is my first shopping trip with him. I tell you, shopping with a newborn saves you money. Walking round Primark and Teddy wakes up screaming, clearly doesn't like this seasons clothes. You soon realise you do not need that extra clutch bag and vest top. But he was a massive hit with all the ladies in Primark, only when he strop crying mind you. So I've learnt that you get the stretchy jeans you went in for and make a swift exit.

However shopping with the sister makes it easier as she is always ready for a bear hug. It is so nice when i look into the buggy to see my little Teddy dressed in his gruffalo onesie and know he is worth more then all the clutch bags in the world.

Talking of onesies this Gruffalo one, I found in Debenhams has been a god send this winter, plus he looks absolutely adorable, I have found one similar in the Debenhams sale or this fun Gruffalo suit from Mothercare  perfect for any little monster.

So what have I learnt from my first shopping trip with my 12 week old, shop quickly and take someone along with you for cuddling the little one!

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